The streaming movie directly from online is becoming more popular by the day, and there has been a continual increase in the number of online media streaming services available for people. This media services are either subscription-based or operating around a freemium service offering. Each of these streaming and video-on-demand services has different titles and contents which they offer their customers. The Available contents on each of these services might be different from others because they usually provide contents to users based on licencing and copyrights. Some of these services include Google Play movie and music, Amazon Prime, Netflix, DisneyPlus among others.
However, there are a couple of services that offer users the opportunity to access movies and TV shows for free. 123movies is an example of a service like this and happens to be one of the best.

About 123Movies

123movies is a media streaming service that offers users access to quality, popular movies and TV shows. 123movies, like every other free streaming and a downloading platform like it, are faced with the issue of copyright violation and piracy. These constant legal standoff has necessitated them to move their service across different web domains like,, and a lot of others. 123movies is also said to be a part of more than 12 cloned websites where it can easily move its services as needed.
123movies has a lot of movies and TV shows that are found on PayTV and Freemium subscription-based websites, making it a hub for almost all your media needs. You can access the service from any of your devices like Android, Roku, Kodu, iOS, Windows OS, Windows mobile, macOS and so on.

Features of 123Movies

Some awesome and distinctive qualities of 123movies are:

  • Easy to use interface: The user interface of 123movies is straightforward and clear and makes it very easy for users to navigate through their choice of entertainment. Whatever movie or TVshow you're interested in downloading or streaming directly online, with 123movies, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Large Content Database: The movies available for streaming and download on 123movies are very many. There is an inexhaustible database of TV Shows and Movies available on 123movies. The best, popular and newest movies are available for download and streaming on 123movies at any time, and from anywhere. I call it unlimited entertainment on the Go!
  • No need for registration: To use this service, all you have to do is navigate to their website at $baseurl and jump straight into your choice of movie or TV show. Just like that
  • Free to use: This is probably the most important feature of 123movies. The ability to have the best of entertainment from all genres and makers. While a lot of services offer these movies and TV shows at a cost or within a subscription, 123movies offers is absolutely free of charge. This is why it is among the top favourite for users.
  • HD quality movies: 123movies offers its media contents for streaming and downloading at very good qualities. You can also download or stream your choice of TV shows and movies at HD quality or lesser qualities as you please. The qualities offered by 123movies include HD, HD-Rip, Blu-ray, Cam and so on.

Legal issues surrounding 123movies

123movies has had its name and domain changed a lot of times after being shut down or suspended. Some of the past domain of 123movies include 123movies, 123Movies,,,,,, 123movieshub and so on. The website has a lot of cloned version that offers free streaming and download service to users.
In October 2016, the MPAA announced on their Online Notorious market overview, that 123movies had over 9 million unique visitors from all over the world as at August of 2016. The Business Insider of October 2016 also ranked 123movies as the most-used pirate website in the UK.
March 2017, the U.S ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius announced that he has been in talks with Vietnam's Information and communication minister, Troung Minh Tuan to effect the shutting down of Piracy websites with 123movies named as the prime source of concern.
In December of the year 2017, the people behind 123movies announced the creation of another streaming site that was exclusively dedicated to anime. The website was named and offered anime streaming and download to its users.
Every time that 123movies has been shut down, it has come back under a new name and domain to continue giving users the best of free entertainment for their viewing pleasures.

Using 123movies

123movies continue to exist and you can access it from any of your choice of device from its website it is easily accessible. When using 123movies tho, you should make use of a VPN or Proxy. You can download VPN from the google play store for Android devices, and on the App Store if you're using an iOS device and there also a lot of VPN and proxy services that can be of use to you.
So, if you are a lover of online movie streaming, or you need a website where you can download new and popular movies free of charge, 123movies is a recommended service for you. They offer the best quality of entertainment you can get for free, on the go and from any device wherever and whenever you are.